Student apathy

Apart from this, some students have to work after school; as a result, they cannot concentrate on their studies. Obvio usly, this post left an impression on me.

6 Reasons for Student “Apathy”

One Student apathy that is undoubtedly on the rise and contributing to low standards is student apathy.

The individual or informant answers on a scale of "not Student apathy all", "slightly", "somewhat" or "a lot". In our quest to prepare students who will be more competitive in the global market place, we seem to over-emphasize the value of the sciences, and almost never talk about the humanities on the same level, although music, for example, has, arguably, played just as significant a role on the global scene as computer science.

Questions required precise answers, representing the genesis of Western standardized testing. Overall, apathy is a dangerous barrier to successful communication. When the difficulty of the lessons is added to this list, school becomes a nightmare for these students. It's important to stay aware that illegal activities are not near as lucrative as your kids tell you.

Maybe it is very difficult to completely solve this problem of student apathy and lack of motivation, but we can at least ameliorate it. Strategy 6 When Crime Doesn't Pay For kids who plan to use illegal activities as their source of future income, you can have a lot of impact by pointing out some surprising realities of your local, state and federal laws.

Who is your audience? You can use this phrasing instead: Discuss the reasons why they are academically uninterested. Educated parents generally show more interest in the academic performance of their children; however, this should be a practice common to all families not only to the educated ones.

Answers were not scored as right or wrong. Poetry, essays, collages, and other creative activities can also produce some very inspiring, memorable results, and initiate the change you want to engender. You can talk to friends, your classmates, or you can even set up a table at the student center or another place with lots of traffic: We have to help students overcome the decadent ideas of the past that are still deeply entrenched in our national consciousness.

On my campus, many faculty colleagues have implemented teaching collaborations with other colleagues at universities abroad, and, in some cases, these collaborations include study-abroad arrangements.

For younger students and for some other youngsters, you may wish to change the phrase to be a bit gentler. Most important, where do you start?

Student apathy on the rise

They just led to more dialogue. For example, this approach has worked well with foster kids who are not happy to be moving a new foster care placement. Their lack of interest or passion can inhibit the other group members in what they are trying to accomplish. When the parents fail to show any interest in their children, they are likely to become one of those students who look cool but display no academic achievement.

They seem the coolest students at school and everybody admires their reputation. For example, depending on which laws they break, offenders can lose not only the money gained by illegal actions, but also their home, possessions, and vehicles.

How can you guarantee it gets the attention it deserves? We do this through prescribed courses, standard pedagogies and standardized testing. Because we have created an educational culture that celebrates success on tests, as opposed to success in acquiring new knowledge, more and more students are only interested in mindlessly cramming study materials in preparation for tests.

When Kids Don't Care: Battling Student Apathy

You throw back your head and laugh. Studying lessons, then, is not one of the ways to become popular at school. You can start by splitting up the load.One might argue that it is the very effort to reinforce standardized tests that has inadvertently given birth to student apathy.

It is ironic that “testing” rather than “learning” is. What can a teacher do if students just don’t care? This question is one that plagues every teacher, as has becomes clear through my own teaching experience and almost every conversation I’ve had with teachers. Some educational practices have contributed to the apathy of students.

These include a perceptual view of behavior, the view that self-worth equals achievement, norm-referenced evaluation, and. Stop wishing for exciting, more effective strategies to tunaround student apathy. You've found the best, most compelling student apathy-busters that exist.

Apathy is a lack of feeling, emotion, interest, and concern about something of great importance. Apathy is a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern. Mar 17,  · Did I get your attention?

Are you up in arms?

When Kids Don't Care: Battling Student Apathy

Good! If you're a student, let's hear from you.

Student Apathy

If you provide student support, please share your wisdom on this question: Why don’t more students take advantage of the resources we provide? This question has been bouncing in my head since last week’s Academic-Zone webinar.

Student apathy
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