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Assess your own learning. Because ePortfolios "work" best in an EBL environment, Evidence for e portfolio since the EBL paradigm is a far stretch from current dominant educational designs, ePortfolio use at scale on campuses will take time.

The Catalyst Framework The Catalyst framework, a hypothesis emerging from our research, suggests that effective integrative ePortfolio initiatives address Evidence for e portfolio core levels of campus life and learning: Proposition 2 ePortfolio Initiatives Support Reflection, Social Pedagogy and Deep Learning Helping students reflect on learning across academic and co-curricular experiences, ePortfolio practices transform the learning experience.

Copy of your Nursing License Certifications with renewal dates Samples of Academic Work such as research Professional Conferences Attended with Supporting Documentation In-services Attended with Supporting Documentation References and Recommendation Letters Lists of Committees you are on and type of work you have contributed to it Educational Projects you have done such as in-services Awards you have received Tips on How to Organize a Nursing Portfolio Once you have compiled all of the proper paperwork you need for your nursing portfolio you need to place it into a three ring binder.

Nursing Portfolio | How to Create, Examples, and What is it?

Below is our best practice guide on academic integrity for your ePorfolio. They gave me the standards and told me which artifacts to put into each one! We can move from this very thin and veiled domain of grades based largely on tests to the colorful, detailed, and informative domain of evidence-based learning EBL.

These portfolios are often shared with other students to elicit peer feedback. They are part of the general movement toward active learning, and toward college graduates who can actually do something--and can show evidence of that.

Most commercial ePortfolio tools are focused on the product right-hand side of the diagram below, although some open source tools contain some of the Web 2. The more current the evidence, the more useful it is for the purposes of your application for Skills Recognition.

Select Define the purpose of your ePortfolio and how it relates to your goals. Workshop, conference or training programs: How does it connect in class, in your program of study, or bridge to your career?

Click the eBook to learn more. A wiki tool, such as Google Sites, can be used to construct hyperlinked web pages, organized thematically.

Those who may remember struggling with an ePortfolio app a few years ago will be surprised to see how improved the interfaces are now.

Write a short essay two paragraph minimum that describes and summarizes the lists that you have created above. An ePortfolio electronic portfolio is an electronic collection of evidence that shows your learning journey over time.

The ePortfolios, then, become an integral part of the online community of students. Often times, it is easy to forget things you are most involved in!

I would add that the last one you mentioned--the conference in Boston Julyis co-located with Campus Technology's annual summer conferenceoffering all attendees access to most of both events.

Social constructivism also proposes that another determinant of effective learning is that it happens in a social context — that is, we construct our knowledge through dialogue and interactions with others.

Select content that will convey your purpose to your audience.

ePortfolios Explained: Theory and Practice

What are some of the related technology trends that might impact the ePortfolio movement? Click here to read more about the Catalyst Framework. We propose that ePortfolio practice has the capacity to support greater student success and meaningful outcomes assessment, while simultaneously helping students engage more deeply and take ownership of their learning.

If I was proposing this system anew, a system no one had ever used before, my proposal would be thrown out as absurd. This is especially important outside of the U.

Attach your artifacts PDF, documents, presentations, videos etc. If you wish to submit a proposal, go to http: By reflecting on those affective, personal, and self-identity factors, students can develop meta-cognitive skills that can enhance their learning.

BSN e-Portfolio Information

She started her students with a blog, but many of them went far beyond the blog and created their own presentation portfolios using one of the Web 2.

Invite the reader to read what you have been involved in. What are these activities? Reflect Make connections between your ePortfolio entries. It has been estimated as early as the Campus Computing Survey report that more than half of U.

So what is an ePortfolio? We will continue to analyze student evidence collected from our general education courses in the Summer Assessment Institute. Different organizations use different names with some distinctions between what the institution or research group wants to emphasize.

Faculty At Clemson the use of portfolios played a substantive role in the assessment of our general education competencies. They are automobiles without the Interstate Highway System. Showcase your accomplishments and your professional identity.Putting together a portfolio of evidence. Your portfolio is your way to collect evidence systematically with support from your assessor.

This page will outline what is meant by a portfolio and explain the different types of evidence. Compiling your e-portfolio. Nursing Portfolio | How to Create, Examples, and What is it?

Most nursing students and nurses create a nursing portfolio to help them keep track of their professional goals. Centre for Teaching Excellence» Resources» Teaching tips» Educational Technologies» ePortfolios Explained: Theory and Practice.

Capturing the visible evidence of invisible learning. The Academic Commons.

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Entwistle, N. & Karagiannopoulou, E. (). Group E-Portfolio-Product The product which we have created will enter into the fashion industry, specifically the winter clothing dfaduke.com is a line of fashionable winter clothing, e.g.

jackets, hats and gloves that are all internally heated and made from sustainable and environmentally friendly resources. The Catalyst Framework is a comprehensive, evidence-based framework which helps us understand the challenge of building and sustaining a successful ePortfolio initiative.

It provides a comprehensive conceptual structure for understanding the developmental work of campus ePortfolio projects. In this section I have used the experiences I have gained on placement at both Marryatville High School and Marden Senior College.

Evidence for e portfolio
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