Eco friendly diwali celebration essay help

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The school principal Ms. A win-win for you and the environment! Instead of using dyes and colours available in the market, just use what you have at home — turmeric for yellow and vermillion for red.

Eco-friendly Diwali

And when it comes to buying earthen lamps, go for those being made by different NGOs across the country, so the money you spend will actually help people in need.

Spend some time observing the biodiversity in the nearest garden, park or field. It is a sad fact that we listen to news on the bad effects of loud noise and environment pollution often but we are reluctant to realize the hazards these fire crackers are causing to our generation.

The same Narayan is winning medals for India at International events. Congratulations to the people of Kallar Majra and of all those places who are making their best efforts to keep the environment clean and pollution free.

For example, if you are to buy a greeting card, why not buy one from a NGO? Ramila Jaiswal Members of the Support Staff were honored with a beautiful silver plaque each for having completed twenty years of service in Bombay Scottish School Powai.

Listed below are some ways to celebrate eco-friendly diwali. She also motivated the staff members to make yoga an important part of their daily routine to stay fit and healthy.

But, in this new era, the new generation is coming forward in a new way with a fresh vigour and spirit to fulfill their new dream. They concluded their presentation with a dance. Of course, the inner wish to visit the statue of unity will come naturally to every Indian.

Ekal Foundation works with nearly 54, schools across India. The school reverberated with enthusiasm and joy as it re-opened for the student on 2nd July, Our group was guided by Ms.

Abhinav Dubey and Mr. Our respectful tributes to Indira ji too. Donate Unwanted Things Weeks before Diwali people clean their houses to attract positive energy in their homes.

Cupcakes Take The Cake

You can also use flower petals, dried leaves, ground beetroot for a maroon mix, dried orange peels, etc. Like the Suswaad Sweets and Savouries shop in Chennai that gives employment opportunities to differently abled people.

My Eco-friendly Diwali: 6 ways to reduce waste this Diwali

After the plantation students promised that they will take care of the plants and pledged to plant more and more trees. It not only adds more joy to the entire celebration but also reduces your individual cost and the amount of pollution caused.

But incase you cannot celebrate Diwali without crackers, opt for the eco-friendly ones. Use Natural Colours for Rangoli Decoration Chemical colours may look appealing but try designing a rangoli using natural colours and you will never go back to using the chemical rangoli colours.

Elections held for Junior Student Council On a clear day one can spot the snow-capped peaks of the Garhwal Himalayan range including the towering Bandarpunch and Gangotri glacier. These fireworks are made up of recycled paper, emit less smoke and the noise produced is within the decibel limits set by the Pollution Board.

There are a number of ornamental plants are available in the market. The school management also appreciated the effort made by the students to work for a cause to spread the message of happiness blended with togetherness and integrity. My dear countrymen, our North-East has a unique distinction of its own.

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Here are 10 ways in which you can celebrate an eco-friendly and guilt-free Diwali. The juniors had a fun-filled day playing board games, dumb charades and a Treasure hunt. In the isolated regions of the Nilgiri plateau in South India, a small wanderer community Toda make their settlements using locally available material only.

The orientation programme proved to be a sincere effort made by the school in educating the parents to look after and guide their children in a proper manner.

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The Indian Heights School Activities and Curriculam. Sally Ride Earthkam 64th mission. Sally Ride Earthkam is a NASA program that invites students and teachers from around the world to explore the earth from the perspective of the International Space Station (ISS).

As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria.

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Listed below are some ways to celebrate eco-friendly diwali. How To Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali Community Celebration. Encourage community celebration instead of individual celebration. The cost of celebration will be reduced and the paper pollution caused by firing crackers will also be limited as compared to individual celebration.


Eco friendly diwali celebration essay help
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