Comparison between kirk and spock

Among those common elements are their similar settings of unique characters and technologies. Star Wars is the capitalist show.

Now Kirk is an embittered young ensign and Spock is a besieged starship commander. We can never forget the ultimate joy we had with the fantastical trips led by Mr.

Picard has shown extreme short-sightedness and neglect, specifically in his encounter with Hugh. Why not ask Picard what keeps him yelling all the time? He theorizes that the galaxy has been shifted into a new reality, and that those crew-members experiencing symptoms are reacting to the disparity between their present life-roles and those they had in the original timeline.

Departure to Regula I 0: They get into debates about the ethics of blowing it up. Fortunately, the Enterprise also had Captain Kirk, who was emotional, courageous, and inspirational.

You really should try being yourself as the good Captain says. He would often engage in risky situations that would land his vessel in combat and thanks to his nature, he got out of it looking pretty good for his daring attitude.


Carol Marcus interrupts her son: He criticizes both sides of the Galactic Civil War as part of the "same genetically superior royal family". Where people may think they are two separate identities, if you see to it, they become a whole whenever they come together.

The Romulans drop off the three Alliance officers near San Francisco insix hours before a conference that will lay the groundwork for the Federation. Captain Spock, walking the night-time corridors of his ship, has a fit of vertigo during which he sees a vision of the corridors of the Enterprise and of Kirk.

Cooper would have been lucky to graduate from the Star Fleet Academy. I am pointing to the last episode of Voyager here"Endgame". We're arguing over whether or not two fictitious characters are getting their hands in each others' pants.Jan 10,  · Spock and Kirk fight each other.

Jim Carrey in Star Trek II - In Living Color (ILC best moments - lol epic wow super funny comedy) - Duration: myworldisgettingdumber 1, views. Jan 23,  · Ok, one more Tribble Tribute. This is where Kirk gets inundated with Tribbles.

In an effort to show the spacial relationship between the two shows (Dax and S. Explore the pros and cons of the debate In comparison to Captain Kirk, Captain Picard is a superior captain and leader.

Spock vs. Kirk

Jun 01,  · I felt the McCoy-Kirk friendship overall was artificially downplayed in order to make the Kirk-Spock one true pairing work.

It’s a real shame. Nevertheless, his scenes are true highlights. It would be interesting to see some comparison between GR and Geo. Lucas in their vast misunderstanding of what it was that made their.

Spock Versus Jesus

Some will detail the ongoing battle for supremacy between Captain Kirk and Captain Picard while others will simply discuss why one particular Captain is as truly awesome as fans claim they are.

Don't forget to let us know which is your favorite in the comments and back up your claim with a. Comparison between the Director`s Edition DVD (RC 1) from Paramount (PG, NTSC) and the Theatrical Version.

The Director`s Edition is the Director`s Cut of the .

Comparison between kirk and spock
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